Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
05/19/2018 06:07 pm Byrds & Fleas Redd Kross Switchblade Sister EP This Way Up Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:56 pm I Won't Fade Razz Time Frames Emotional Response Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:54 pm Have You Seen Her Tough Age Tough Age Mint Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:51 pm All That Matters Pointed Sticks Waiting for the Real Thing Sudden Death Records Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:48 pm Radio The Suspicions The Suspicions Ripoff Records Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:45 pm Back To Life Rattlecats Teenline #101 Hyped 2 Death Records Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:43 pm Cheap Mimicry Terry Malts Our Love Emotional Response Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:40 pm Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Tuff Darts Tuff Darts Wounded Bird Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:37 pm (I'm) Looking For A Heart Terry & Louie Single Tuff Break Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:34 pm Never Slow Down Genuine Parts Genuine Parts 7" Genuine Parts Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:28 pm Quit Looking At The Time Fashionism Smash Singles Drunken Sailor Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:26 pm It's Just Impossible Games Games Hozac Records Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:24 pm Boulevard Trash The Exploding Hearts Guitar Romantic Dirtnap Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:20 pm Fast Boy The Raydios Rock Brochure Three Dimensional Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:17 pm A Place In Your Heart Protex Strange Obessions Sing Sing Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:15 pm I Need A Drink Crusier Cruiser EP Surfin Ki Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:12 pm Joke Of The Neighbourhood Corner Boys Just Don't Care Drunken Sailor Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:10 pm Psycho Magnet Control Freaks Mindless Entertainment Slovenly Records Punk/Ska/Surf
05/19/2018 05:10 pm WESN WESN WESN WESN
05/19/2018 05:09 pm PSA PSA PSA PSA
05/19/2018 05:08 pm 88.1 FM 88.1 FM 88.1 FM 88.1 Fm
05/19/2018 05:05 pm Sparky's Dream Teenage Fanclub Grand Prix Sony/Creation Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 05:00 pm Bryte Side Pernice Brothers The World Won't End Ashmont Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 04:56 pm Arrow Of My Eye Weird Summer In Search Of Parasol Records Rock and Pop
05/19/2018 04:53 pm Talking To Myself Let's Active Big Plans for Everybody Collector's Choice Rock and Pop